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Antony Fennel » Bio


ANTONY-FENNELAntony Fennel ake Deep Solution is a young Italian Dee Jay and Producer. He is a talented composer and arranger who has turned his passion for music in his work .He can already boast the pubblication of his music works on famous labels, in spite of his young age, such as Purple Music, Purple Tracks, Week “N” Dance, miniMarket Recordings, Atal, Kings of Groove, Cut House, Taste The music, Soda Records, Gotta Keep Faith, Soundmen On Wax, Dirty Soul Recordings, Ocean Trax and many others. When he was just 25 years old he is what the French call a “child prodigy”. He collaborated with his friend and colleague Nicola Amoruso aka Amorhouse, and with him he created the brand : “Amorhouse & Fennel”. For years, they togheter produced out the explosive pieces for all dance clubs and discos of the world. Antony Fennel released many singles and remix in collaboration with well-known artists such as Jamie Lewis, Hanna Hais, Luca Cassani, Franco De Mulero, Gianni Bini, Tj Cases, Loui & Scibi, Blue & Deep and many others. Antony Fennel has decided permanently to collaborate with the boss of Purple Music : Jamie Lewis, for some years. He has always considered his boss the artistic reference point. Antony had the opportunity to print with Jamie the project entitled “Calypso Woman” on Purple Tracks. This is a cover of the famous piece of Nat King Cole that he produced in a House version. The piece published in July 2011 and it was sung by the big Roland Clark.The record entitled “I Pray” was his first official project produced by Purple Music in June 2011. In this piece, Antony mixed a gospel taste in a powerful voice with a purely house sound . He created, in this way, a perfect project for all dance floor of the world. Antony published the album “I need love” on Purple Music, in summer 2012, with whom he reconfirmed his sophisticated and refined style and he published also another project , “Africa Ep” on Purple Tracks . With Africa Ep, a project with a purely summer sound, he proved to be an eclectic artist and he showed to be able to update and break the same musical patterns. The Rmx of “Unity” stands out among his last works . It is the famous record produced by the master Jamie Lewis ( the boss of Purple Music ) and published in the package of Hades Sampler 2012 on the occasion of the famous international dutch conference. He had the honor of playing at the 5th anniversary of Purple Music & Sensitive Soul, at 27 years of age. It’s a special party took place in Amsterdam at “Bungalow 8” which many renowned international artists took part, such as Jamie Lewis, David Penn, Alfred Azzetto, Dario D’Attis, Walterino, Seb Skalski, Nightrhymes, Mike Scot, Anthony Romeno and many others. Antony played at the 5th of ” Purple Music Party ” at the 20th Winter Music Conference  in Miami which international artists took part as Jamie Lewis, Dj Meme, Hanna Hais, Yass, Franco De Mulero, Roberto De Carlo, Discorocks and many others. For this occasion also, Antony presented a new production entitled “I Want You”, a vibrant Deep groover published  in package WMC SAMPLER 2013. In summer 2013, Antony gave life to the project “ PURPLE MUSIC OFFICIAL PARTY “ , in collaboration with jamie Lewis and the famous club Divinae  Follie in Bisceglie. This project was born to the desire to offer an unexceptionable music quality product. Antony had worked both as Art director and as Purple’s Resident Dee Jay, during six parties which took place for the first time ever in Italy, where the DJs of Purple team, such as Jamie Lewis, Alfred Azzetto, Walterino, Antony Romeno and the world famous singer Kim Cooper, with his sonority turned purple the friday nights of north of Bari. On the occasion of Ade 2013, once again,  Antony presented a Rmx entitled “ Life “ , a classic of Purple Music by James Deron came out some years ago and reproduced in a fresh and fast groove. The last his project, released in winter 2014, on Purple Tracks, is “All Good Times”. A catchy bass line for a new production by the sounds refined and sought…  A track for lovers of Deep House / Nu Disco and for sounds of trend…Now he’s working on Rmx of ” For You”, a “Purple ” classic, produced by Jamie Lewis featuring Michael Watford. 

Many other works are being in the pipeline… Stay Tuned…

This is his World… This is his Life…


Bari, February 20, 2014

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